Case Study | Pfizer - Area Marketing Associates

The Challenge: With over 65,000,000 people in the U.S. suffering from some form of chronic pain, our assignment was to help Pfizer Shopper Marketing drive consumers to purchase relevant Pfizer brands. Research insights informed the decision to bundle Advil®, Advil PM® and ThermaCare® for display at major drug and food accounts. In short, create a store within a store with major retailers providing valuable floor space.

Results: National Promotional Radio was employed to motivate all retailers to perform and consumers to purchase. Radio spots – localized for each retailer in each market informed chronic pain sufferers of unique officers tied to the purchase of sponsoring bands. Retailers accepted the radio time in lieu of display allowances.

100% of the targeted accounts signed on, with more activation in the Food Channel than ever seen before. Advil share reached and all time high during the final week of the promotion. Incremental brand contribution offset the cost of the program by a factor of forty-five.